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BOOLEAN ALGEBRA, Logic Gates Used in Electronic Circuits

BOOLEAN ALGEBRA In this article, we discusses the theorems that are often used in digital systems, especially in simplifying circuit equations. There are 17 formulas that can be used in simplifying logical equations, 15 formulas known as Boolean formulas and 2 formulas known as De Morgan’s theorem. Boolean Theorem Boolean theorem with a number of… Read More »


LOGICAL CIRCUIT In Recent Modern computers do not operate with decimal numbers. What the computer processes are binary numbers, numbers represented by 0 and 1. In digital systems these two numbers are generated in the form of voltage levels, which are then used to operate logic gates. The logic gate itself basically consists of basic… Read More »

Numbers for Digital System

This article describes the number system and the conversion process between number systems. There are four number systems that can be used : decimal, binary, octal, and hexadecimal. The decimal system is certainly familiar because it is always used every day. For digital techniques used binary and hexadecimal number systems. Decimal Numbers Decimal numbers consist… Read More »

Basic Definition of Digital Systems

1. Basic Definition of Digital Systems This article outline the basic definitions of digital systems,  then explain the forms of signals (Analog and Digital), interpretation of logical values ​​in various forms, and also describe their advantages. and lack of digital engineering and examples of digital engineering applications. Some definitions that are often used in digital… Read More »